Mark Jones Day of Dance

Ouse Washes Molly held their annual Day of Dance in memory of Mark Jones on the 21st January 2012. The molly sides gathered at The Cutter Inn on Ely’s riverside beside The River Great Ouse. The sides present were Ouse Washes Molly, Good Easter Molly, Norwich Kitwitches, Gog Magog Molly, Mepal Molly, Old Hunts Molly, Soken Molly Gang, Pig Dyke Molly, Woad Works, Seven Champions and Black Annis. With 11 sides dancing there was plenty to see and marvel at. Molly is one of the most varied forms of dance as each side has their own unique traditions. The next stop was at The Plough in Little Downham. Little Downham is the last known place where molly was danced before it died out although it was later revived. The final venue was The 5 Miles From Anywhere No Hurry Inn which is a lovely spot to while away some time if you are passing, which you won’t be.

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