Cambridge Street Pianos

For two weeks there will be pianos on the streets of Cambridge. They are a part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. The idea of street pianos has been touring the world for a number of years, appearing at various venues and more information and pictures can be found here. At the end of the two weeks, the pianos will be donated to local charities or good causes, so they will continue to give pleasure for some time to come.

I spent a few hours on Wednesday visiting the 12 that are within walking distance of the centre of Cambridge. I then had to resort to the car on Thursday morning in order to get to the other 3. I am unfit enough that I was suffering a bit after the first 12, especially as I wasted time trying to find the one in the Grand Arcade. I was eventually led to its location by the sound of someone playing it. This was rather pleasing, not only was it gratifying to hear it actually in use but it was also a big relief to finally set eyes on it.


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